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Current Investment Opportunities

Lazy Blue 8

The Lazy Blue Package consists of a total 8 Residential and Commercial Units on the Southside of Milwaukee WI. They are all located in thriving neighborhoods and are easily rented out. Let’s make an offer today!

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43 Flavors of Life

This package is located on the North-Side of Milwaukee WI, and it totals 43 units. These units consist of Duplex’s and single family residences.Most of them are fully occupied.

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Homeplate 108

This package totals 108multiplex, duplex, and single family residenceson the North-side of Milwaukee WI.Most are in good condition and some need repairs. 80% of the properties are located within a 1 mile radius.

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Vision Request 25

This package includes Duplexes & Single Family units. These properties are mixed with one bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms.

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Reasoning Trend 21

Here are 21 occupied units in the city of Milwaukee. These bring in a return of at least 25% cash on cash. Investing is easy all you have to do is make the decision. To busy to handle managing the real estate?

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part1 JJ-Bliss 39

Here you have 39 units in all. They are all located in the city of Milwaukee. They bring in a incredible return. This is a super HUGE opportunity for an investor to take on.

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Orbit Fence 8

Real Estate is one the ever growing business in local as well as international market. The Orbit Fence 8 property package is offers 4 Duplexes two family units in Milwaukee WI.

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Raindeer dance 26

Raindeer Investment opportunity offers total 26 units consists of Single-Family, Multi-Family- Duplexes with 3 to 4 Beds have a great value attached with good Rate of Return and profit margin.We are your resource for real estate...

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We’re in Search of Investors/Partners, for Joint Ventures opportunities. We Have Various Real Estate Investment Opportunities to Explore. We have $50,000 acquisitions along with $10,000,000 acquisitions.. If you invest in any of our real estate package you will save 10% on Management fee and rest assure that we will handle the all of the day to day challenges
Let’s build a portfolio together!