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Homeplate 108

Property Details:

Total Units: 108
Gross Yearly Rents $849960
Taxes $68368.22
Insurance: 36394
Management: 60000
Sq.-Ft 125669
Package Price: $3,400,000.00

This package totals 108multiplex, duplex, and single family residenceson the North-side of Milwaukee WI.Most are in good condition and some need repairs. 80% of the properties are located within a 1 mile radius. This makes it easy to maintain. The seller wants to retire and would like to retire soon. He currently grosses about$63K- $73K a month. This Real Estate package is one of a kind and seller is asking $3.4 Million.Whether you want to partner up with us or purchase these properties on your own we can help you. We will manage this portfolio and get the most in returns.


417-419 E Burleigh St.

1522 W. Concordia Ave

1631-1633 N 36th

1846 N. 40th St

1925 N 23rd

1925 W Center

2039-2041 N. 41st

2157 N 42nd St

2157 N 42nd St

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